JAZZ AT THE MILL - September 2009 | Nicholas Unwin | - Norfolk Based Jazz & Classical Pianist.

JAZZ AT THE MILL - September 2009

JAZZ AT THE MILL - September 2009

AZZ AT THE MILL - September 2009

Our first jazz gig since moving to Mendham Mill in 2009 and our first trio-only gig too! A big marquee set up on the front lawn provided the perfect setting for some easy-swinging jazz on 2 late-summer afternoons. Thanks to over 200 supporters who turned up. Our first performance of the Japanse pianist Makoto Ozone’s wonderfully atmospheric ‘Asian Dream’ plus some Oscar, Monty and Erroll arrangements.

Getting To Know You; I’ve Never Been In Love Before; On A Clear Day; It’s Alright With Me; Asian Dream; Funji Mama; Without A Song; Teach Me Tonight.

Betcha By Golly Wow/Shaker Song; Best Things In Life Are Free; Opus One; Close To You; London By Night; High-Heel Sneakers; Flintstones.